The Asskicker’s Get A Demo

We told you about The Asskickers heading our way and we promised as soon as we received more information we would pass it along to you our faithful readers and community members. Not only do we have some a pricing point for you but we are also here to let you know The Asskickers demo is available right now. So what about the cost of the game? Well this one will set you back a mere $8.99 and will provide you with six hours of gameplay.

Here is a little more about The Asskickers and be sure to checkout the video after the jump.

Filled with fiery fists of fury and intense street fighting action, The Asskickers is 2D co-op and single player ode to classic beat’em up titles such as Street of Rage, Kung-Fu Master and Double Dragon. It also serves as political commentary for today’s financial crisis where the rich get away with massive financial fraud and the poor pay dearly for the rich’s mistakes and possess no recourse for justice.

In The Asskickers, players must choose between playing as the lightening quick and thunderously deadly Diane, the unstoppable mountain of muscle Marcus, or the well-balanced fighting machine Alex. Forced into an almost unwinnable fight to clear their names, three unlikely Asskickers jump fist first into dramatic knock-down, drag out battles. These three ass-kicking stalwarts find themselves thrown into a battle with a corrupt ruling class where winning and kicking ass are the only available options.

Try the demo out for yourself by following this link. If you try out the demo be sure to check back in and let us know what you thought of The Asskickers.

Minimum system requirements:

OS :
PC : XP, Vista, Seven
Mac : Mac OS X 10.6
Processor: 1.8 Ghz
Memory: 1 Go
Hard Drive Space: 1.6 Go
Graphics: 256 Mo dedicated video card
Sound Card: Dedicated or integrated sound card
Controller Support: Xbox 360 Windows controller on PC

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