Minecraft and Middle Earth: One Build To Rule Them All

You know, I thought I was tired of hearing about Minecraft builds a while ago. I mean, you can only see so much of people making giant phallic buildings and video game levels until you just want to choke a kitten.

However, there is something just stupefying about this one. A group of very (very) dedicated Minecrafters have set about recreating Tolkien’s Middle-earth—albeit on a reduced scale—and have led Jesse Cox of OMFG for episode 6 of Outside the Blocks on a partial tour of everything they have so far, which is everything from the Shire to Moria (check out minute 33) and it’s all totally impressive.

Even though it’s incomplete, you’ll notice that what the group has finished is massive. Around minute 27, you can see the incredibly expansive Weather Hills that lead up to Rivendell which, as stated in the video, was all done before mods and tools had been created for Minecraft. That means every single block was placed there by hand.

The MME group does tours and videos every once in a while (or, rather, whenever they finish a major milestone), so check out their website and join if you feel like you have the time, passion, and/or insanity.

via Kotaku

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    Tired of hearing of minecraft builds awhile ago? The game isn’t even 3 years old yet.