Dirt 3 X-Games Asia Track Pack Released

Codemasters has released the newest pack of DLC for DiRT 3 today. The X-Games Asia track pack contains “four routes set across two new tracks in Shibuya.” The tracks are all rallycross tracks, and are very similar to what was included in DiRT 2. Also included are four new events to play the new tracks on in the Dirt Tour. The pack is available now on PSN, XBLA, and Games For Windows Marketplace for 400 MSP /$5.  However, if you are a PlayStation 3 player, act quick: the pack has been mistakenly listed for only $0.99 currently. Grab it quick at this significantly reduced price. X-Games 17 starts July 28th, and this pack has been released to promote the partnership and X-Games content that DiRT 3 contains.

Fans were upset with the pricing for the Monte Carlo track pack, and while this pack is only $5 its also only half the routes, so its no better of a value. Its safe to assume this will be standard pricing for all future DiRT 3 DLC releases.

Also, the “Superteams Pack” has been released on Playstation Network. The Superteams DLC was originally available only as a bonus for preorders, and gives you access to special sponsors that give you a huge boost in race XP. The whole pack of four teams can be bought for $2.99, or you can get each individually for $0.99.  Recently, Codemasters community managers said that they would not be releasing this DLC to the general public.  They have not even listed it in the official DLC thread on their forums. Its possible this release is a mistake seeing as the X-Games Asia Track Pack was also mispriced. You can get more information about these packs at the PlayStation Store Update.

Source: DiRT 3 Forums

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