Runescape Launches Clan Citadels

Enormously popular free MMORPG Runescape has today launched its Clan Citadels update. The update is pretty self explanatory in that it allows clans to create their own citadels. These are housed on floating islands, and contain a variety of rooms, with more added as you level your citadel up through 7 tiers. Reaching the final tier gives you access to a clan dragon to serve as your mascot.

The most interesting feature of the citadel is probably the Clan Battlefield, which is an editor allowing you to create combat scenarios and mini games. Once created, you can then participate in these games with members of your own clan, or invite other clans in and compete with them.

Sounds like the game has come a long way since I last played it, and depending on how deep the Clan Battlefield really is, it could be something that even paid MMORPGS should keep an eye on. Does anyone here play Runescape? And if so what do you make of the new update? Sound off in the comments.


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