Have You Picked Up The Humble Indie Bundle #3 Yet?

Seriously, have you? If not, you need to jump on this and do it now. For those of you who don’t know what the Humble Indie Bundle is, it’s a cool little promotion that comes around every so often where several small developers get together and offer their games in a bundle package where YOU get to decide how much YOU want to pay. You not only get to price it yourself, but you get to decide how your money is spread. You can have your money go to the developers of these great games, you can have it go to Humble Bundle, Inc. itself, or you can have a portion (or even all) of the Humble Indie Bundle proceeds go to help support Child’s Play, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, both awesome causes that really deserve your support. So point your web browser to and jump on this awesome deal that helps a great cause. Did I mention that these games work for Windows, the Mac and even Linix? Some of them even support Steam. Really, you need to get this deal.

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  • Not that often? Forth time in just over a year, dude.

    • Anonymous

      Its fairly infrequent and they dont repeat them, so its worth noting that you should buy it if interested. 

  • Anonymous

    This is my least favorite selection of any bundle so far. Crayon Physics is a pretty poor game and so is Hammerfight. But VVVVVV is awesome and warrants the purchase itself.

    Im not a big fan of Childs Play, so I gave them nothing. I know its great that they are trying to get sick kids video games, but there are many many many many more charities that are more deserving of money. I give the majority of the money to the developers, without them there would be no humble indie bundle.

    They are all redeemable on Steam btw, just not all of them are Mac compatible.