Brink: New DLC Free For 2 Weeks

Agents of Change, the planned downloadable content for Brink was originally scheduled for early July, but like many things involving in the games industry lately, was pushed back and is now planned for the 3rd of August.
The good news is that the promise originally offered still stands, with the DLC being completely free for the first two weeks it’s available. After the two weeks, players will have to pay 800 Microsoft Points or $10 dollars for the content.

While we still have close to a week until Agents of Change is released, Bethesda has released a large update which has gone live today for all versions of the game. A complete list of changes can be viewed here, at their official blog page, and let me tell you, it is extensive. The break-down on the title update begins right after the list of new achievements to be included in Agents of Change.
A word a advice: break open your copies of Brink and give the new changes a spin. Be sure to also download Agents of Change quickly once it is released on August 3rd. Free is always a better deal.

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  • Shadowgodd

    Well that sucks im kinda tired of being dicked around by splash I heard it was supposed to be out in the beginning of this month then they said the 30th of throw month well its the 30thstart I was exited and now im told I have to wait for 3 more days this is bullshit I had plans to go camping no im sorry I still have plans I ain’t waiting around for this shit anymore im done you all can keep waiting I have better things to do like shooting my friends with airsoft on my 1week camping trip I wont be back on my ps3 for about the two weeks it will be free so fuck this shit I guess ill just trade brink in before I go on my trip maybe ill use the money for more ammo lol

    • Shadowgodd

      Sorry my DROID likes adding words and changing them on me too fucking stupid phone