Indie Platformer EDGE Coming to PC

Mobigames made a big splash onto the iPhone App Store last year when they released their platformer EDGE. The game takes place in a isometric world of geometry and puts you in control of a cube that can roll and crawl the landscape. As you roll along you navigate puzzles and collect colored prisms and get to the finish line as quick as possible.

The game will launch on Steam and the Mac App Store on August 11th and will feature “super high resolutions and new special effects.” It will include 30 achievements and Steam leaderboards. Best of all it will feature the new EDGE Extended DLC for free.

The game will be ported by Two Tribes, who has recently ported other arcade and iOS games to PC.

Mobigames was one of many videogame companies that was involved in a legal battle with Tim Langdell over the naming rights of their game “EDGE”. Langdell, who was largely believed to be a patent troll, made claims that his company, Edge Games, owns the global trademark on the word “EDGE”. Mobigames’ Edge was removed from the App Store multiple times due to the legal conflict.

Eventually Tim Langdell and Edge Games lost their rights to their trademarks on the word EDGE and its variations. Langdell’s past successes have required the magazine EDGE and other video games to work with and license his trademark.  Its possible the legal battles with Edge Games delayed the porting of Mobigames’ EDGE to PC, either directly or indirectly through use of resources.

Source: Wikipedia

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