Wesley Snipes In Julius Styles, Shadows

I am totally and utterly bewildered. Did you know there was a Wesley Snipes iOS game coming out? I think at one point I did because the name Julius Styles: The International sounds really familiar but I guess I then completely blocked it out of my mind for sanity’s sake.

Either way, back in January, Lapland Studios, probably (hopefully?) best known as the developers behind the WiiWare title Lead the Meerkats, announced an action-puzzle iOS game that would feature movie star Wesley Snipes. Somehow, though, in the intervening months, a veritable plethora of other studios have become attached to the game including Red 27 Films, Elstree Studio Productions, and Maandi Media Holdings. After missing their previous June deadline for release, they’ve all come together to shuttle out this trailer to ease our minds and assure us that it’s still coming for us out.

Did you know that shadows are dark places? It’s true, according to Julius Styles and his incredible delivery of “I live…in the SHAdowsss” (inflection and emphasis are mine). Since there’s no gameplay shown in the trailer, it’s best you know upfront that Julius Styles is supposed to be a isometric view game where you play as a “faciliator,” a man who embodies the very essence of Snipes’ “Art of War, Murder at 1600, and Passenger 57 characters” and offers “something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior lovers.” Those are all Snipes’ own beautiful, flowing words.

You will create weapons and tools to solve puzzles and weave your own web of intrigue as the associated feature film’s release also draws nearer, but you can expect Julius Styles: The International to hit your iOS device August 11th. The only question left is did Snipes record his lines while in prison?

via Lapland Studio via Kotaku

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