BBC Interested In Retail Games

The BBC is known across the world with shows like Dr Who, Top Gear, Torchwood and Luther entertaining audiences everywhere.

Recently the BBC have started to branch out and lend their licenses to some games. We have already seen a collection of downloadable games based on one of their most popular franchises Dr Who and Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson will lend his dulcet tones to Forza 4’s Autovista Mode later this year, and this is just the beginning.

In a recent interview with CVG Executive producer of BBC Worldwide’s Digital Entertainment and Games division Simon Harris said

“I think the challenge is for us to get [our brands as] games into something like retail..We want to get together with partners. [We’re] very excited to hear what their plans are in that area and yes we’ll be looking at whether there are really good strategic partnerships on our brands that we can bring to those platforms as well.
Nintendo are currently a market leader on consoles so when they do something new you’d better sit up and take notice and try and see if we can become involved in it.”

Via: CVG


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