Game Nights: August and September

We’re doing this proper. Below, you’ll find our full slate of Game Nights for the next two months. Expect further notice, better attendance and fiercer competition. All sessions will go down at 9 p.m. EST (subject to change).

Thursday, August 4th: Mortal Kombat
Tuesday, August 16th: Starcraft II
Thursday, September 1st: Street Fighter III Online
Tuesday, September 13th: Terraria
Thursday, September 29th: Gears of War 3

For our Mortal Kombat night, you can RSVP on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed and Facebook for announcements about subsequent events. Oh, and remember to tell all of your friends.

*Our PSN tags are:

GinormousJ (Justin)
Nikoro20 (Nick)
Kazinova (Kaz)
ted2000aed (Tony)

Our Xbox Live Gamertags are:

OrangeLazarus (Justin)
Nikoro (Nick)
Kazinova (Kaz)
ted2000aed (Tony)

And our Steam group can be found here.

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