Borderlands 2 Is In Development *Update*

Update: 2K Games has now officially announced Borderlands 2, due for release next fiscal year (beginning April 1st 2012), the game will feature ‘new characters, skills, environments, weapons and equipment.’

Original story below.

Eurogamer has been told by ‘a source close to the game’ that Gearbox is currently developing Borderlands 2, and that it will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year. They’re also reporting that an official announcement will be made soon by publisher 2K Games.

This comes as no surprise really given the fantastic reception the first game received, but it’s still nice to get something resembling confirmation. Here’s hoping that it’s a million miles away from the travesty that was their last game- Duke Nukem Forever, to which our own Mike Murphy gave the generous score of 4/10.

Source: Eurogamer and 2K Games


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  • Joe Striser

    You know the person who wrote this article is an absolute moron. Duke Nukem Forever was a great game. Sure graphics werent amazing…but at least gearbox did the honorable thing by publishing the game as a 3D realms vision. I guess the sad truth for some people is they just expect every FPS to be COD orientated.

    • James Rogerson

      Actually i’m not a massive Call of Duty fan either. Deus Ex, Half Life, Brothers In Arms and for that matter Borderlands are all FPS’s I can get behind though.

      By all means like Duke Nukem Forever, we’re all entitled to our opinion, and their are plenty of poorly received games that I love…but it is a poorly received game, and a game that I personally found dated and uninspiring.

      • Joe Striser

        I agree with you…the game had a lot of flaws. I’m a duke fan but I think people really should just put the game in the prospect as a direct sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, as that was what it was supposed to be. I guess people had huge expectations for the game…given its long development regime. But I’m sure the one good thing we all can agree on is that this game needed to come out in order for the Duke Nukem IP to move on and perhaps in the future we could see far better ground breaking games from the franchise.

        • Anonymous

          Lets see, Duke Nukem 3D was a arcade style FPS full of inappropriate jokes and half-naked women. You ran around blasting pigs in LAPD uniforms and blowing every enemy to chunks with a variety of awesome weapons. Duke Nukem Forever is full of stupid driving sequences, quicktime events, and the most bland weapons in the world.

          Unlike James I am not going to be as kind. Your opinion is wrong. The game sucks, it is not fun, it is not funny, it is not well designed.  Its an abomination and it wouldnt even be a mediocre FPS if it came out 10 years ago like it was supposed to.

          If the game had been released as a level pack for DN3D it would have been 1000x better.

          • Joe Striser

            My opinion is my opinion and its kinda arrogant and incredibly IGNorant to say my opinion is wrong. You know, you completely miss the point too. The game IS a direct sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. You have to appreciate the fact that this game was and had been in development during years when the FPS genre was changing at a large scale. The problem is…you like many people seem to compare the game that of a 2011 game…and its shouldn’t be compared that way. AND what is wrong with the driving sequences…any car can run out of gas you know (DUH!). As I said before, and I will say it again…I dont think the game is perfect: it had poor console ports, 2 weapon system, ageing graphics, long loading times, dated textures, simplistic level designs BUT at the same time it presents itself as a FPS which has humor, varied gameplay and brings back the duke we all missed so much. What this crucially means is now the franchise can finally move on with far better games to come out from the IP in the future.

          • Zdg

            your opinion is wrong

    • Steve519

      You must be kidding me, Duke was awful, a slap in the face of Duke fans.

    • Asd

      No it’s not COD orientated, but think about the many fans that have been waiting for this game for years? They got slapped in the face for the game not being Duke Nukem orientated.

      • Joe Striser

        I agree with you…but too many people are way too harsh on the game…when considering the circumstances and the stuff the game tried to do wasn’t all that bad. Furthermore, what really annoys me is when reviewers reviewed this game…it became almost like a personal vendetta against the game rather than the talking about the facts…and this is the problem with this article.

    • Sdegs


  • Anonymous

    PLEASE use a different engine.

    • i agree… i never like cel-shaded graphics.  but there must be some huge cel-shaded fan club out there, because they keep making more and more games cel-shaded. 

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  • People continually list Gearbox as the developer behind Duke Nukem Forever and tend to express bad feelings about that.

    I think it should be made clear that 3D Realms developed this games, along with other half start up studios over the years, while Gearbox was mainly in place to take over the final polishings of the game, as well as just make it function and get it out to the market after 14 years.

    We don’t know the condition of the game when it fell in Gearbox’s lap, but we do know it was a complete game, one that 3D realms claims in it’s official press release concerning the switch off to Gearbox.

    Regardless, I don’t want to contribute to the DNF fight. I gave it a 6.0 myself, so my piece is over with it. Borderlands 2 should shape up to be a really great game and I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

    • James Rogerson

      3D Realms developed it yes, but in releasing it and putting their name on it Gearbox essentially took responsibility for the end result. Anyway I have no doubt that Borderlands 2 will be much better having been developed from scratch by Gearbox.

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