EVE Online Subscribers Receive First Sharing Rewards

In case you hadn’t heard, CCP – the creators of the popular sci-fi space MMO: EVE Online – have recently launched a new interactive web site, called ‘EVE is real‘, that allows players to submit still images and videos from the game to share with the community and compete in contests. Videos and images are submitted into one of five themes: War, Exploration, Corps Recruitment, EVE is Real or Freestyle. The site has already received over one thousand submissions of player made content, which unlocked the first level of ‘sharing rewards’, giving all EVE subscribers 1,000 credits of Aurum (a new in game currency which can be spent on ‘vanity items’ such as new clothes for your avatar or upcoming ship skins). Even if you aren’t an EVE player, I would still recommend checking out, there are some great videos that people have posted.

According to CCP, this first level of sharing rewards that was given out to EVE subscribers was the equivalent of $1.89 million USD, or 107,000 months of game time (also known as PLEX’s). With three more levels of sharing rewards still to go and Dust 514 going on sale next year for a mere twenty dollars, it seems like CCP is trying to be the new Santa Clause of the gaming industry. That, or both EVE and Dust 514 are doing so poorly of late that CCP is resorting to more desperate measure in order to win people over. I truly hope it isn’t the later. Not to mention, this ‘Aurum’ currency is something they are able to conjure out of thin air, so you kind of have to question the measure of their generosity here. As for Dust 514, I truly hope it does well and would be happy to pay the humble admission fee in order to find out for myself.

One down, three to go.

Think you have what it takes to compete in the EVE is real video or image contest? Make a submission and find out! Even if you aren’t looking to submit anything, and indeed even if you have never played through the complexity of EVE Online, there are still some awesome space battles to watch on the site. Another great feature about the site which I failed to mention is the music. I have always loved the dark, ambient, techno sound track of EVE Online, and streams a generous amount of the catalog as background music. In fact, I had it playing the entire time I was typing up this article. Good stuff.

So check out the site and keep making those great submissions!

Image submission by Spartis Reave. Every dot is a player or drone.

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