New Trailer For King Arthur: Fallen Champions

Come ye all followers of King Arthur as we have some news here for you today. As we know King Arthur: Fallen Champions is set to release August 25th for the low price of $9.99 and it has the making of being a great role playing game that is set to fill the gap between King Arthur: The Role Playing Game and King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame. So to keep you in the know we have added a little more about the game and after the jump a trailer for your viewing pleasure.

First here is a little more about King Arthur: Fallen Champions to keep you up to speed:

King Arthur: Fallen Champions relies on a story-based, mission-to-mission plot. Players will choose missions and upgrade heroes. The Fallen Champions Campaign Map covers one specific region of Britannia, where players command three very different heroes. Each hero has his own storyline and each of these storylines incorporates three battles, adding up to a total of nine skirmishes plus the confrontation with the major foe in the 10th battle. The battle maps are diverse both in terms of visuals and in construction: some tactical-RPG situations (with a limited number of elite units and heroes), tactical battles (with huge armies on the field) and massive battles against a general AI under very unusual circumstances.

Now for the trailer you came here for:

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