Bastion Coming To PC

Yes, that’s right PC gamers, the award winning RPG ‘Bastion’ by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Supergiant Games will be making its way to our hard drives on August 16th. If you are a fan of RPG games, but unfamiliar with Bastion, then you are in for a real treat. The new and imaginative RPG has already received a great deal of praise on the Xbox Live Arcade, and with good reason. The game has a uniquely rich look and style to it, but it’s Bastion’s new ‘reactive narration’ system that really makes it shine.

A gruff old man’s voice constantly looms over the game, adding commentary for most things you do (such as the direction you choose to go at a fork in the road, or describing objects you decided to smash) and telling the story of the world as you make your way through each level. On paper (or computer monitor), this narration concept might not sound like much, but in practice, it really does add another level of realism and immersion to the overall experience. It’s almost like sitting and listening to someone tell a story about something you yourself did in the past. In fact, it is such a terrific concept that I am surprised it hasn’t already been done. Not to mention, this reactive narration practically eliminates the need for cut scenes or cinematics, everything you need to know is being told to you as you are playing.

I love the graphics style.

Aside from the narration, the game has you hacking and shooting your way through groups of fantasy monsters in a manner that seems reminiscent of games such as God of War mixed with more classic RPG elements. The result is a game that focuses on player skill and quick thinking, with the welcome addition of customizable weapons and powers to keep things fresh. Bastion’s look reminds me of a children’s story book come to life, with levels being pieced together as you move forward in a way that almost seems surreal.

The PC version of the game will be available from Steam and other online retailers on August 16th, featuring 1080p resolution graphics and a new re-mappable control scheme. The PC version will also fully support game pads and controllers, which is good news because this is how I would recommend playing it. So, if you weren’t lucky enough to have already played this amazing little game, then here is your chance. The campaign can last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours depending on how fast you play, which makes for a fun and relaxing afternoon gaming session or two. I’ll admit, the replay value is marginal, but that might just be my opinion. Either way, don’t miss it!

Each weapon has a new and unique feel to it.

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