Star Wars The Old Republic: Jedi Consular Trailer

Greetings fellow Old Republic nerds, I just have a quick little update for you today. If you are like me and the countless other people who are constantly keeping up with Bioware’s first MMO- Star Wars The Old Republic -coming out this holiday season, you might have been wondering when we’d see some light shined on the Jedi Consular class. Until today, out of all the classes and details discussed on the official SWTOR website, the Jedi Consular seems to have been slightly grazed over. Basic descriptions and other details could be found on the forums and in videos from various gaming conventions, but finally, with today’s update, we have the first official Jedi Consular trailer. The class holonet page has also been updated, confirming the Trandoshan starting companion (known associates): Qyzen Fess.

Glad to see these guys out of the Cantina for a change.

The new trailer is awesome, I like how they focused on the single bladed combat side of the class. But don’t just take my word for it:


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  • sooo this looks to be the most powerful class in all of swtor! melt some face jedi¬†consulars!