Activision Sued By Adam Levine

It has emerged that Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine has started legal actions against Activision.

The reason for Activision’s latest legal woes? Band Hero.  Apparently Levine, who agreed to perform Maroon 5’s hit “She Will Be Loved,” isn’t too happy that his in-game likeness can be made to perform music that “would not have been chosen by him for recordings or performances.”   Another irritation is that his avatar can be used to perform songs from female vocalists.

Sound familiar? It should. No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani took out similar action last year, and Courtney Love also sued over Kurt Cobain’s use in another Activision title, Guitar Hero 5

According to reports, Levine is suing for fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of the common-law right of publicity and unfair business acts or practices, and is seeking unspecified damages.

Source: CVG, Reuters


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  •         Stupid rock stars…  It’s a video game you dumb asses, of course it is going to have you doing things that you couldn’t do in real life.  Having a male avatar who can sing female songs is no less realistic or ‘upsetting’ than jet packs and zombies.  Not to mention, this is a comical complaint coming out of the Marroon 5 guy, see how I honestly thought that he WAS a chick the first time I heard his music.  It begs to question: is he really upset about these things or is he simply following a trend in order to squeeze a little extra cash out of Activision? 
             I suppose you could argue that people in Adam  Levine’s position have a certain obligation for keeping up appearances, which makes this a much larger issue than if Band Hero was unrealistically portraying some average Joe.  But if that’s the case, then I suppose we had better start bringing South Park to court for all the celebrities they have disgraced over the years.  I understand the difference between South Park and Activision is that Levine gave his consent and then felt betrayed, but he should have researched what he was signing up for.  If I agreed to be an avatar in a video game, I would assume that the digital me would be performing all sorts of embarrassing acts.  It just comes with the territory.  So… fuck off Adam Levine.