Sony Introduces PSN PLAY

The 360’s Summer of Arcade is proving to be, yet again, a roaring success. With outstanding games like Bastion and From Dust selling for a mere $15, it’s no wonder. And, after three years of Summer of Arcade, it seems like Sony may finally step onto the playing field as well. Say hello to PSN PLAY.

Spanning from the middle of August until the middle of September, PSN PLAY has four titles scheduled for release: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition (August 23rd); the DeathSpank sequel, The Baconing (August 30th); the 2D reboot of BloodRayne, Betrayal (September 6th); and the top-down shooter, Renegade Ops (September 13th). In addition, players who are 18 (or older) and purchase all four titles will be given a code to download Payday: The Heist, a bank robbery FPS.

As an added bonus, PlayStation Plus members will get 20% off of any of the titles. DLC will also be available for the titles, and pre-orders will be awarded with a dashboard theme as well.

Information comes via GiantBomb

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