LA Noire Developers Team Bondi Sold Off

Develop is reporting that, following previous rumours, Team Bondi has been sold off to KMM Productions, which is owned by Mad Max creator George Miller, and who works across various forms of media.

An insider claims that all Team Bondi staff have been offered a job at KMM, with the option for a severance package if they’d prefer. Whether Team Bondi itself will continue to exist, or simply have its staff distributed across KMM Productions is unclear.

It is additionally rumoured that prior to this deal Team Bondi had gone bankrupt, and that studio head Brendan McNamara will also join KMM. Rockstar Games owns the LA Noire IP, so any sequels will be handled by them.

Can’t say I’m particularly saddened by this news given the rumored practices at the studio, and at least everyone gets to keep their jobs. Hopefully KMM Productions will prove to be a nicer company to work for.


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