Madden NFL 12 And DRIVER Demos Hit XBLM

The demo section of the Xbox Live Marketplace has been quiet lately, and the quality of the games that have been getting demos have been pretty average too.

Hopefully these two demos will get you launching the XBLM to download at least one, as the demos for Madden NFL 12 and DRIVER San Francisco Single Player have been placed on the Marketplace for your downloading pleasure.

For the last hour, I’ve been playing the Madden demo, and I can confirm that Madden is still Madden; you can check out a snippet of the game before you get your hands on the full game in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in the extremely confusing next game in the DRIVER series, you can download the demo for DRIVER San Francisco. It’s really hard to explain the story, but be assured that you’ll be driving around San Francisco, teleporting from car to car and doing a fair bit of racing.

Download the Madden NFL 12 and the DRIVER San Francisco SP demos by clicking these links.


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