Screenshots Show The Amazing Art Of Mirror’s Edge

When Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, it was received to mixed reviews: some people absolutely loved the free-running game and its unique first person perspective, and others didn’t mesh well with it. But almost everyone agreed that DICE didn’t quite get it right. However, there is no doubt that Mirror’s Edge was a very unique game.

One thing that is often overlooked is how amazing the game looked.  The art style and scenery of the game was simple yet beautiful. The designers took a lot of time deciding how color would play a factor in the game.  So when the player emerged from a stairwell onto the roof of a skyscraper and saw the vast cityscape stretching in front of them, the subtle coloring told them where to go.  But most players probably didn’t take the time to just stand still and admire the art, it is after all a free-running game, and usually you were trying to avoid capture.

Website has recently released a huge collection of amazing pictures from the games scenery, and even though the game is almost 4 years old, it doesn’t look aged at all. The crisp textures and level of detail is a great sight to look at. Even better is the beauty in the abstract shapes of the Time Trials DLC, which replaced the busy city with a set of blocks, in order to give players the most pure free-running experience possible.

You can see the whole collection here. Its definitely worth a look, and many of the photos make great desktop backgrounds.  I previously wrote about when they did a feature on Grand Theft Auto 4.  There are photos from a wide variety of games, all carefully taken to show off the great looks of games, both new and old.

Source: Dead End Thrills

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