Could “Zone of the Enders” Be In 3D?

Hideo Kojima has fun messing with the minds of players. Behind everything from Metal Gear Solid and Boktai to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Snatcher, the man can be considered the more real-world version of Shigeru Miyamoto. One franchise he crafted that’s gone rather unnoticed in recent years is Zone of the Enders. While an HD Collection of the main two games will be coming out next year, Kojima teases a 3DS title as well on Twitter.

The image features a mech from the series, alongside the text “Z.O.E. 3DS”. The DS (and therefore, 3DS) have been homes to some unique spinoffs and sequels. Recently, Megaman Legends 3 almost came to fruition, but was cancelled. Konami’s throwing their support behind the 3D handheld with a Metal Gear Solid title. With production costing less for a handheld and Konami already supporting it, could Kojima and the others be working on a Zone of the Enders for the third dimension?

Does a possible announcement make you want to purchase a 3DS more?

Via Twitter

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