Team 17 Announces Worms: Crazy Golf

What do you do when you develop a series of turn-based strategy games based on weapon-wielding worms? Create a golf game of course! Wait, what? Well it makes more sense than it sounds. For one, videogame golf games have a precedent of being wacky, and for two, the concept isn’t as farfetched as it seems.

Set across three 18-hole gold courses, Worms: Crazy Golf, will combine “everyone’s favorite turn-based game of ‘hitting little ball with sticks”, with the turn-based strategy of the Worms games into something far from ordinary.

The game hasn’t become some sort of 3D amalgamation, its actually much closed to its series’ roots. The courses are a series of tricky 2D landscapes you must navigate your ball through using your good old club and a series of power-ups. The game will feature many well-known features from the Worms universe.

Also included are a series of challenge modes and four-player multiplayer that will play off the games humorous roots. Worms: Crazy Golf will release later this year for Steam, iOS, and PlayStation Network.

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