Platform Nation Joins Up With Stitcher Radio

As of last week, Platform Nation has joined up with Stitcher Radio and now you can stream our shows on just about any smartphone. And all for free! To listen to us, just point your web browser right here. Personally I’ve been a fan of Stitcher Radio for sometime now, in fact, I just hit my 200th hour of listening time through them earlier today. I love their app, their strategy and I’m just so happy that anyone can now check us out directly from their phones. Like I said above, just check out this page and it will help you get Stitcher Radio on your phone, or if you already have Stitcher Radio, just do a search for Platform Nation and you can find us, bookmark us, and stream all of our shows right to your phone. Happy listening everyone! Oh, and if you could do us a HUGE favor and share this post with your friends, that would be awesome! Thanks guys and gals!

With Stitcher’s free mobile app, you can listen to your favorite radio programs and podcast- anytime and anywhere you want.
Stitcher’s wide breadth of programming lets you choose from the latest In news, sports, talk, business, entertainment from the media industry’s premier content providers.
It’s the easiest way to stay connect to your world while on-the-go. 
Receive news that’s important to you in a format that fits into your busy day.

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  • App installed very easy to use and all the podcasts in one spot.  Very nice!