Sony Announces 99 Cent Rentals On PSN

I love getting things for less then a dollar and I couldn’t be any more happier with Sony starting this program. Movie rentals for only 99¢, you can count me in. That’s just as cheap as a Redbox without any of the commute. My only worry is that we will get the lower end of the movies out there and not some of the big hits, but I guess we will see as everything gears on up.

Titles included in the first week of the 99¢ movie rental program in the US include:
August 16 – August 22:
· Sicko
· The Longshots
· Salvage
· Tony
· Shank
· Bonded By Blood
· JFK: Reckless Youth (Part 1)
· JFK: Reckless Youth (Part 2)
· Deadly Blessing (Directed by Wes Craven)
· Carver
· Devil in the Flesh 2 (aka Teacher’s Pet 2)
· Illuminating Angels & Demons

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