A Simple Question: PlayStation 3 Price Reduction

Sony made quite a few announcements over the last few days, not the least of which is the announcement that the PlayStation 3’s price is being reduced to $249.  There has already been a significant sales boost on Amazon since the announcement, and I imagine this trend will continue at other retailers as well.  Since I don’t own a PS3 yet, and I know several others in the same boat, I decided this week’s question would be:

Is the PS3 now priced appropriately?

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It wasn’t too long ago that the PS3 launched with a ticket price of $499 (for a 20GB model – the current price is for a 160GB), so the price being cut in half over the course of 5 years is pretty remarkable, considering many feel the system is just now hitting its stride.  Still, Sony has had their share of struggles with the system (both in early sales, and recent security breaches) that has forced their hand in these price reductions.  So the question isn’t “Will you buy one at $250” .. it’s whether you think the price of a 160 GB PS3 for $250 is appropriate. Too low? Too high? Just right? Vote above, and comment below.

Personally, I think this is probably a good price point for the system, considering what you get out the box.  That being said, I will probably wait until a sub-$200 pricetag, but if some nice bundles come up for the holidays, I may bite the bullet and snag it.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s too low.  Screw the cheap-skates who aren’t willing to spend money on a quality product.

    • I’m assuming you pay $100 for HDMI cables, too? I think the masses have spoken with their wallets on this one; Sony had overpriced this unit previously.  I think they have just now gotten it down to where people would find acceptable, IMHO.

      • Anonymous

        Um, only if you’re an idiot do you spend $100 on HDMI cables.  Anyone who actually researches their purchasing decisions PRIOR to standing in the store, knows that HDMI cables are virtually the same no matter what the cost.

        I found it acceptable on launch, which is why I still have a PS3 with full backwards compatibility, and most people don’t.  Their fault, not mine 😉

  • Bite the bullet already! Uncharted 3 online multiplayer has your name written all over it. 

  • Roger M

    Well, you can just hang in there for another year and grab one a few weeks after PS4 is out. I’m sure by then, the price is just right for those sitting on the fence.
    Now, seriously, $250 is a good price. Just give it a few seconds thought; Controller + $50, Hard Drive $50, Blueray player, hm, $75? $75 bucks for the rest? Maybe. It’s not a robbery imho. All you need is an HDMI cable, say for $4, and you’re ready to go. Oh, wait, you need a game. A new “great” game set you back $60. How does that feel? You play for a while, then put the game on the shelf! But you can still reuse the PS3 😉
    $250 is a great price. If you have the $250 to spare. If you don’t, well, then the price is too high for you.
    As I started off; the price will probably drop more within a year…..