Trials Evolution To Make Public Debut

You may recall that during E3 2011 we brought you the official announcement of the sequel to Trials HD.  Now RedLynx is ready to give the public a peek at the new Trials Evolution.  Having spent many, many, MANY hours playing Trials HD and working with the Track Editor, I had developed a short wish list for future releases.  I don’t know how RedLynx got hold of my list but based on this press release, I can check every item off my list.

“The first chance to play Trials Evolution before its release will be at the Gamescom videogame exposition in Cologne, Germany during the week of August 15. The following weekend, the game will arrive at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Washington, giving gamers on two continents an opportunity to preview what could be the most ambitious downloadable console title yet.”

The release goes on to list new features including:

  • Multiplayer – both local and online
  • Challenging but balanced single player game
  • Outdoor environments and curved driving line
  • Full-featured track editor
  • Global track sharing
  • Bike and rider customizations

I’m completely revved up and awaiting this release.  Even the quick glimpse we get near the end of the teaser (above) looks amazing.  For more info, see the official Trials Evolution website.

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