Black Ops: Rezurrection Trailer

I may be alone in this, but while Treyarch has done an excellent job of keeping the zombie content in Black Ops fresh, I feel this is just a tad over the top. Then again, maybe that is exactly what the developers want us to think. Either way, this is the new trailer for the Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack, set to be released first on Xbox Live.
While the video may be over the top, there is no denying that a zombie map based in space is an awesome idea.

Mixing the intensity of the oncoming zombie hoard with a fragile environment such as a moon base is a neat touch. I wonder how it will turn out.
Heads up: This video contains graphic content, and is intended for mature audiences only.
That being said, take a minute to watch and leave your comments on the new zombie maps. Enjoy!

Source: Joystiq

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  • you are most certainly not alone!! Zombies is Epic.. Bring out a standalone zombies game Treyarch!!

  • LOL I thought that is an amazing video!

  • I am tired of the glitching and cheating in black ops. Can’t wait until modern warfare 3 is released. I read at that Call of Duty Elite is going to enforce the cheating in MW3. It’s about time activision has taken charge to get rid of the cheating that has been going on. Shouldn’t have taken this long for a billion dollar gaming series to find solutions to it.