Ridley Scott Will Direct And Produce Blade Runner 2

After having gained the rights of the Blade Runner property earlier this year, Alcon Entertainment have just reached an agreement with the original’s director, Ridley Scott, in order to make a follow-up to the 1982’s classic.

According to Deadline, it is still unclear if this production will be a sequel or a prequel to the original film, who will be writing it and whether or not Harrison Ford will reprise his role as replicant hunter Richard Deckard. What seems sure is Scott’s intentions in reviving his classics, since this news comes after his signing for the upcoming 2012 release Prometheus, which has been touted as a cousin to Alien.

This is interesting news indeed. While Ridley Scott’s involvement in this project is exciting to say the least, does this classic really need another shot? And, does Scott really need to revitalize all of his classics? Feel free to speak your mind in the comment section.

Source: IGN, Deadline


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