Deus Ex Pre-Order & TF2 Swag

Well, this may sound a bit odd, but pre-orders for Deus Ex: Human Revolution completed through the Steam service now come with Team Fortress 2 items. The items include cosmetic pieces as well as new weapons, totaling 8 items.
Why this promotion has come to light, I have no idea, but it’s real, and TF2 players may consider pre-ordering just to get their hands on the new weapons. They certainly look cool enough.

If you play TF2 and have some interest in Deus Ex, this promotion may just be the thing for you. It has come to the table rather late in my opinion. Why this wasn’t announced earlier I don’t know, as I feel a good portion of players who were interested in Deus Ex will have pre-ordered through their respective service already.
Hopefully this news finds you at the right time. Enjoy!

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