I Am Alive Returns In Leaked Trailer

Ubisoft’s I Am Alive has had a slew of unconfirmed release dates. Dating back to its official announcement during the 2008 E3 conference, the game has been rumored to be coming out before March 2011, and late Summer 2011. Since we know one of those didn’t happen, and another definitely won’t, it’s a little confusing what Ubisoft is trying to do with I Am Alive, it’s intriguing-looking survival-horror/action-adventure post-earthquake shooter set in the ruined metropolis of Chicago.

The following leaked trailer provides a bit more context of what kind of game it’s looking to be (oh Uncharted, how you influence all third-person-action-climby-games these days). We still have yet to receive a solid release window for the game, and it seems like it could either go the way of utter failure (don’t you hate when awesome-looking games turn bad?) or sheer fun. I can say I think the idea of switching from first-person to shoot stuff, then third-person to traverse could be something cool and different in I Am Alive‘s favor. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. (The actual trailer begins around 31 seconds in).



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  • This is GREAT news!  I have been following this game since it was first announced and it has been on and off the radar so many times I had lost hope that it would ever come out.  Thanks for the renewed hope.  🙂