“Sonic CD” Booms To Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft and SEGA have been good friend since the days of the Dreamcast running on Windows CE. Sonic has made his fair share of appearances on the console, with most of them being multiplatform affairs. While the world awaits the release of Sonic Generations and Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 with the standard level of fear and love most Sonic games receive nowadays, it looks like a true classic will be hitting the console. Major Nelson has mentioned offhandedly that Sonic CD will be playable at the Xbox Live booth at PAX Prime.

Sonic CD was the only Sega CD Sonic the Hedgehog game, which introduced characters Metal Sonic and Amy Rose to the franchise. With gameplay modeled after the original title, the game added a deep (for it’s time) time-travel element. Stages all had “good” or “bad” timelines, alongside past, present, and future eras. Sonic himself had a modified version of his Spin Dash, alongside a rarely seen Super 8 Peel Out Maneuver. In addition to these gameplay elements, it had an animated intro and CD quality soundtrack.

Sonic CD was last seen in the Sonic Gems Collection. While a port to XBLA seems confirmed (unless it was a typo), a PlayStation Network release wouldn’t be unheard of. A Wii Virtual Console version might be harder, but the Virtual Console does have a few CD games.

Via Major Nelson and Gamepro.

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