3DS To Be Redesigned

Things aren’t looking to good for the 3DS, lacklustre sales, a price drop within 6 months of launch and a selling point that Nintendo themselves recommend usage be restricted to short periods at a time and now rumours are circulating the 3DS will face a redesign and re-launch as early as next year.

First on the list of changes is a second analogue stick which will soon be available as a standalone attachment for £7/$10. According to the rumour Nintendo has already started work with a small number of developers to take full advantage of the new accessory.

According to reports Nintendo originally intended a dual thumbstick on the 3DS but it was dropped from the design to allow the 3DS beat the PS Vita to the stores which is a decision they now regret.

It is also reported that in 2012 a new 3DS will hit the store shelves which is set to “tone down” the 3D functionality and could eventually lead to a new name entirely.

The last titbit of information and perhaps the most infuriating from a consumer standpoint is that this price drop was not to improve sales(which it did) but to clear out existing stock and prepare stores for the coming re-launch.

You can be forgiven for assuming that this is just wild speculation as it does seem like the ramblings of an arm chair pundit but the site which started the rumour has been accurate in the past publishing reports of the Vita and the Wii U. So take it with a grain of salt

Source: DigitalSpy

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