Check Out Vonage’s Time To Call App

And win an iPad 2!?! We are going to be giving away an iPad 2 later on this week and I wanted to give you guys the heads up about this awesome giveaway. First off, it’s all being done with the help of the Vonage Time to Call app, they are supplying the awesome prizes. I’ve downloaded the app myself, it’s nice and it might just be the best way to make international calls. I’ll have more on this later though, as there will be a review up on Platform Nation tomorrow. Oh, and if you download the app right now, they are also throwing in 15 minutes of free calling time so you can try out Vonage Time to Call for free.

The Time To Call app is free to download, and you can use to place fifteen-minute calls to 100 countries from US$0.99 to US$1.99; more than 90 additional countries can be called for flat rates. You do not have to be a Vonage service subscriber. Because  of its easy payment through iTunes, there’s no hassle with mobile operator accounts, credit cards, cash payments or going to a store to purchase calling cards.

Now are you ready for some more good news? Not only can you win an iPad 2 from us, but you have the chance to win one over on several other sites too. We are all in the loop in this special giveaway where all of us are giving away several iPads a day for almost the whole month of August! Check out to see all of the other giveaways and be sure to enter them all for your maximum chance of walking away with an iPad 2 32GB version!

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  • James Christofis

    how do you enter to giveaway on this site?