Rumor Mill: Sprint To Join With Apple To Carry The New iPhone 5

There have been rumors about the Apple iPhone coming to Sprint for quite some time, and it looks like a fresh batch of info is coming out of the rumor mill. The Wall Street Journal released a story on August 24 which not only highlighted the release of the iPhone 5 in mid-October, but also that it will be coming to Sprint. This news can only work to pick up Sprint from the slow decline it has been seeing over the last year since Verizon started to carry iPhones.

Sprint To Get iPhone 5

Sprint is the only cellular carrier that offers true unlimited data plans which is essential to get the most out of your iPhone experience. The iPhone 5 will also be updated with true 4G network capabilities which many of Sprint’s phones have been doing for years. The combination of the new tech, established 4G Network, and the unlimited data plan will be a three pronged attack that should work to push Sprint past its competitors within this fiscal year.

Source: Wall Street Journal.

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  • Eric Murine

    I didn’t think it would be 4G?

  • Hotdog

    hope not would save me and my wife 20 bucks a month

  • ??????

    Hoping will happen.  Here I go putting off getting HTC EVO purchase again.  Don’t want to get if iphone coming. Not switching to At&t or Verizon. True sprint customer.

    • Htc Evo 4G owner

      Don’t get the HTC evo. It’s a good phone with cool features, but it has a lot of bugs and its not that greatly manufactured, the charging port on the phone breaks easily if you’re not careful, it freezes alot, and there are alot more known issues. I have had to change my evo like 4 times in the past 6 months of ownership. I’m not a happy sprint customer but im awaiting for the iPhone 5 release. 

    • tgifcheers

      took the words out of my fingers dude

  • Wanting an iPhone on Sprint

    An EXTREMELY HAPPY sprint customer as I was a Verizon customer for alomst 10 years before coming to Sprint. There is something to be said for knowing that your bill will be the same each and every month…with no changes, like so many times happende with Verizon. I want an Iphone and am at the end of my 2 years with Sprint…I will gladly wait the few months for the iPhone to keep my sprint service. The cust serv has been awesome as well…and no I’m not a sprint plant…just a past verizon clinet who is happy to be with a provider who does what they say the are going to do…thanks Dan H and crew, keep up the good work!…waiting for the iPhone