PAX Prime 2011: Borderlands 2 Preview

When I heard that 2K Games was going to be showing Borderlands 2 at PAX, I was excited. Borderlands is my personal favorite co-op game of all time. It just does co-op right, and in a better way then just about every other game. So what did I learn about the changes in Borderlands 2? I’ll tell you below!

Sorry, no screenshots, pictures, video or anything else like that; it just wasn’t allowed. But what was allowed was my notes, so that’s what I’ll share with you.

Borderlands 2 takes place 3 years after the first one, with Handsome Jack as the main antagonist in the game. You’re playing as a character that was left for dead by him. For the playable characters, we only saw two of them. Maya, who was a female with some new power that they wouldn’t tell us (or anything else about her). And then we saw the Gunzerker, which is another new class. This is the character that they were showing us. His specialty? He can dual wield, and when I say that I’m not talking about deal wielding two pistols but ANY two guns and wow, that was pretty damn sweet when that skill was activated.

We saw some of the new environments in Borderlands 2; no longer is the game’s color palette just different shades of brown. Now there are all sorts of colors and sceneries, some that were lush in green grass, others were white from the falling snow. Yes, falling snow! This is a much needed, and welcomed improvement.

I was also able to see some brand new enemy types. Bullymong was one of those said types. They jumped huge distances and heights, I witnessed them throwing things around the environment, such as rocks and cars. They were pretty sweet. Mechs also made an appearance in what I saw. Kind of bland in what I saw them doing, but still, it’s a new enemy which is a win for me. One thing, though, that I saw with the enemies that was new was the fact they no longer acted half retarded. They moved around, took cover, worked as a team, even climbed up to you if you were trying to hide from them up high.

The menu interface has been redesigned and it was yet another welcome improvement over the first one with this 3D type of interface. And now there were vistas in the game where you can see some of the awesome environments that were added to the game. One cool bonus about the vistas (besides the draw distances), is that if you can see it, you can travel to it.

Everything about Borderlands 2 has been improved over the first game, everything. If you enjoyed Borderlands at all, or enjoy co-op type of games, you need this game and you will love it, I can promise you that.

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