PAX Prime 2011: Gotham City Imposters Impressions

Typically, when you think of Batman and the goings on of Gotham City, gun fights aren’t the first thing that pops into mind. That’s all about to change, thanks to Gotham City Imposters by WB games. Batman fans can rest assured, however, that you won’t actually be playing as a gun and rocket launcher wielding Batman (because of course, that just isn’t Batman’s style). The keyword here is ‘imposters,’ because this multiplayer -six on six- first person shooter actually lets you take on the role of either a Batman imposter (yes, probably wearing hockey pants) or one of the Joker’s wanna be cronies. DC Comics has actually been working closely with WB by giving them their seal of approval.

I actually had a lot of fun playing this one. More than I was expecting, anyway. I played on the Batman imposter team, with the goal of capturing and holding three points on the map in order to win the game. Each team, either Jokers or Bats, has several class options for you to choose from (medic, heavy weapons, ect) that seemed somewhat reminiscent of games like Team Fortress. After choosing your class, you will have access to two special powers. With the Batman impost I chose, I had a large, industrial looking, grappling hook that could quickly propel me to roof tops and down alley ways, along with some handy pipe bombs. The grappling hook was a lot of fun and made combat feel very fast paced.

Fun cast of characters

There is still details that the dev’s wouldn’t tell me about, but so far it is a purely multiplayer focused game with at least 3 (more to be announced) game modes including a sort of capture the flag mode, psychological warfare mode, and the point capture and control mode that I played today. Just like in games like Call of Duty, you will be leveling up the more you play in order to unlock new costumes, guns and abilities. According to the producer, the game currently features more than a hundred levels (he said it was currently one thousand levels, but that it is sure to change.) that you will be progressing through at a much quicker rate than you might be used to.

In closing, I really enjoyed Gotham City Imposters for what it was, but will have to find out more before pitching out my $60. But from what I saw, the gameplay is fast paced and fun, the controls were solid and familiar, and there seems to be a lot for players to do.

On Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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    “In closing, I really enjoyed Gotham City Imposters for what it was, but will have to find out more before pitching out my $60.”

    It’s going to be an XBLA/PSN game