PAX Prime 2011: New Products From Razer

I just finished my first interview with Razer here at PAX, where they are unveiling their new ‘Blade’ gaming laptop, amongst other products. If you are PC gamer, then it is likely that you have already heard of if not tried out some of Razer’s products for yourself. Although the Razer Blade gaming laptop was the star of the show, it was the Star Wars The Old Republic keyboard, mouse, and headphones that really caught my attention. If you have been keeping up with The Old Republic, it’s possible you have already heard about these Razer peripherals.

The Blade laptop was surprisingly thin (1.7 inches I believe), and protected by a very sturdy looking aluminum casing. I wasn’t able to catch all of the technical specs, but it does feature an Intel I-7 dual core 64 bit processor, and an impressive graphics card. Aside from the technical specs and sleek design, the thing that should truly set the Blade apart from other gaming laptops on the market will be the touch pad and LCD keys. There was no official pricing for the Blade, as Razer is trying their best to make it affordable.

The Blade

The Star Wars Old Republic keyboard will feature a similar design to the Blade, with 10 LED hot keys which change according to what skills or abilities you have assigned to them. I wasn’t able to actually touch or feel it, but the design looked very solid. We might begin to see more and more games taking advantage of these LED keys, as Razer has been working with multiple developers in order to offer Razer gamers full support for their favorite PC titles.

The Old Republic gaming mouse features 13 assignable buttons, and will also feature faction specific face plates. I wasn’t able to get a specific date (because TOR has no official release date yet), but was told that they will be releasing along with the game. Also, it is worthy to note that both the mouse and keyboard with their assignable hot keys will be compatible with other games such as World of Warcraft as well. The touch pad can also be a great way to access and play media/mp3’s and make surfing the web a blast.

Star Wars Old Republic

Other products on display that are worthy of note were the Battlefield 3 gamepad (for both PC and 360), keyboard, mouse and headphones, along with a very impressive 7.1 surround sound set of gaming headphones (code named: Tiamat). The Tiamat headphones will still require a sound card with 7.1 support, but Razer will be providing a full list of games and sound cards that are compatible. Personally, I prefer speakers over headphones any day, but I was still very impressed with the Tiamat. The Tiamat headphones will be priced at $179.00, which might be more than most would be willing to pay; but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

Note the buttons on the side of the mouse.

Note the buttons on the side of the mouse.

I would like to thank Razer for taking the time to show me around their booth, and I will most certainly be picking up the Old Republic mouse and keyboard for myself. Take it easy Platform Nation, stay tuned for more!

The Blade's LED hotkeys and touchpad

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