Snoop Dogg’s Hot New Music Video: High Off The Fame

We have had a lot of great PAX Prime news and coverage provided by the awesome Platform Nation staff today, and to wind down a little, we are proud to bring you a new music video for you to check out. I know what you are thinking, has Platform Nation lost their minds?! No we haven’t, we just wanted to provide you with something a little different, so check out Candyman 187 ft. Snoop Dogg & Ariano in the video below. But first, read a little more about the video.

Following the release of the track in late July, hip-hop vet Candyman 187 — who was mentored by the late Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi of The Outlawz in the 1990s — releases the official music video for his new Snoop Dogg-assisted single.

In the new visual, the rapper walks through a Hollywood estate as women try to seduce him, simply because they want the high off his fame. In the song’s second verse, Snoop enters the scene with a potion in hand, opening everyone’s eyes to the fame-hungry society.

The track is the first single off Candyman 187’s double-disc release, If Tomorrow Never Comes, coming this fall.

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About Candyman 187

“I live hard, fight hard, love hard, and can’t give up,” are words hip-hop star Candyman 187 lives by. Born in the 80s, Candyman was raised in Los Angeles with frequent trips to visit family in New York and D.C. A leading music industry influencer, Candyman 187’s music exudes the perfect blend of West Coast bravado and East Coast lyricism.

As a hot-tempered youth, Candyman reevaluated his life and refocused his energy into becoming a revolutionary musician whose goal was to make an impact on anyone who would listen. With no boundaries in his lyrics, Candyman has an ability to bring different types of people together whether it is by race, religion, secksual orientation or political affiliation. His lyrics bring a duality to Hip-Hop that goes unrivaled

During his early years, Candyman 187 was mentored by the legendary Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi of the Outlawz. A strong bond developed amongst the trio, who then went on to form the group The Havenotz.

Candyman 187’s music reflects his experience as a child raised amongst the chaos of “hood” politics. Starting his career at such a young age, the time he spent in studios and around industry moguls was instrumental in shaping his career. He was doubted as an aspiring artist, but whether through song or conversation, you can’t help but be drawn to his charisma and message. A truly versatile artist, he is always working to find new sounds to reach his fans.

Candyman 187 is equal parts street poet, gangster rapper and sinner on his way to Hip Hop sainthood. He has taken in the dreamers, hustlers and talents that society labels black sheep, the degenerates and the hopeless. He has been able to stay ahead of the artistic curve of an ever-changing pop culture by being true to himself. With a team of artists, musicians and producers behind him by the name of The Havenotz, which believes in loyalty, family, and changing the world, Candyman 187 is set to bring a new era to Hip-Hop. The group has taken L.A by storm with shows that rival most big name tours; they have show-goers amazed and coming back for more. Not your typical MC and DJ setup, Candyman 187 outshined national headliners with a 13 piece live band making sure that every last sound was heard and felt. He proves to be an unstoppable force even before his first major release. Having won Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards, the Havenotz prove that old school Hip-Hop still has a strong force in the Hip-Hop industry.

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