Treasure Seekers 3: Follow The Ghosts Review (iOS)

Game Review: Treasure Seekers 3: Follow The Ghosts
Release: Jun 23, 2011
Developer: G5 Entertainment
MSRP: Free Trial ($4.99 Full Game Unlock)
Rating: (Age): 4+
Version: 1.0
Size: 94.7 MB
Website: iTunes Link

Treasure Seekers 3 is the third in the popular iOS series. If you haven’t played it before, Treasure Seekers is a puzzle game with a twist. The main gameplay element being searching the level for things to use to progress, whether it be a pair of scissors hiding in a chest in the attic, or looking for gears to get a machine working. The twist comes with level of interactivity, you don’t just search for items on a level, as the level itself is very interactive and requires a little more cunning to complete the objectives.

Treasure Seekers 3 is a very long game, after spending hours completing the first puzzle, I later discovered that there were another five completely different parts of the story to play, all taking place in different locations throughout the world with different objectives. Each level has typically 4 or 5 locations, the first story taking place in a house leads you wandering the house, in the sitting room, the study, the attic and even the dark dreary basement. You aren’t controlling a physical character in the game and as you make your way through the levels you are presented by an extremely well drawn picture of the location with some very good-looking interactive features, such as flickering light bulbs or swinging chains. Treasure Seekers 3’s story is in the title, Follow the Ghosts. You have to help free multiple ghosts trapped by the evil alchemist and although this is the ultimate objective of each location, you’ll find you quickly forget about the ghosts when you’re focusing all your attention of finding a piece of paper hidden in the corner of the basement.

The objectives in each level are extremely varied, an example such as “Grind grain for the bread” isn’t as simple as you’d think, as first you have to find some ropes inside the mill to repair the windmill with, then you have to attempt to get the windmill working. This might sound simple but because I’m searching for a tiny piece of rope a mobile iOS screen it does become quite difficult. I would recommend getting this game on iPad if you have one as the extra screen real estate could make a huge difference in finding what you’re looking for.

The game does feature some subtitled cutscenes and the sound design is average for an iOS game. The visuals definitely make the game fun to look at, and thankfully the game has a Hint button for when you get stuck (which in my case, was fairly often). Every so often to finish the objective you will have to complete a puzzle, and trust me, some of the puzzles are difficult (you have the option to skip these too if need be).

If you have an iOS device and enjoy playing puzzle games, then this is the game for you. I reckon you can expect at least 7-8  hours to complete this game if you don’t use hints. And on top of that, you get a well written overarching story to experience. It’s the kind of game you want to keep coming back to.

Rating: Buy


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