PAX Prime 2011: Day 1 Recap

PAX goers were lined up for hours just waiting for PAX to open up.

The spectacle that is PAX is something that all gamers should see and be apart of at least once. Each year thousands of gamers come all around the world to see new games, get a bunch of swag, and of course the best part, to be around friends and fellow gamers. So yesterday I happen to see so many games and I wanted to do a quick rundown of the day, besides all of the articles that you have been and will continue to see all over Platform Nation. This will be less about some of those games though and more about the event itself, and the weekend.

Marcus Fenix in a pretty deep thought moment.

I started off my day playing some Battlefield 3, the game I’ve been looking forward to more than any other game this year. It was the perfect way to start off the weekend and it just kept getting better. After a short play through of Battlefield I then got some hands on time with Mass Effect 3 which I’ll be talking about on P*N in the upcoming days. I’ll leave you with this though, Mass Effect 3 will probably be one of my most wanted games of next year. Then I enjoyed some Uncharted 3 and it was everything that I enjoyed from the previous 2, but even more polished. And I didn’t do this on purpose, but yes, I played 3 games in a row that were all the third game in their series, and all of them were pretty damn awesome.

OMG!1! Battlefield 3! And it's playable!!

After I hit up those 3 games, I had some time to walk around and check out all the booths and people at PAX. The booths this year were all pretty sweet, some of them were kind of crazy, like the Battlefield 3 one above. You can tell that the game companies all try to do the next big thing to lure games to check out their games, wait in some monster lines, and get the buzz started about them. I haven’t seen all the booths yet but so far I have to say that the Battlefield 3 booth and the Darkness 2 booths are some of the best ones here. As far as detail goes, Darkness 2 has a lot of work put into it, they didn’t just have a big Humvee parked in front of it, they really had this underground subway type of look to it. I’ll try to get some pictures of it later for you all. In fact, you can count on a pretty big PAX post later on this weekend with all of our pictures from PAX so if you weren’t here, you will still be able to experience it a little.

Only during PAX will you see Zelda walking around downtown Seattle.

Cosplay is another big thing here. There are just so many people walking around dressed up as their favorite gaming or comic book characters. It is absolutely everywhere and everyone loves it. Just like the booth pictures, you can expect to see more cosplay photos in the upcoming days.

Back to some games now. I checked out Eve Online and I was pretty impressed with that. I’ve never played Eve Online before but wow, it’s pretty damn big and I can see myself really enjoying it. Just like before, you can and should expect to see more information about it in the coming days. The game is huge though so I really need time to sit down to try to cover everything I saw from it. From there I saw some Borderlands 2, where I dirtied my pants a little bit because it looked so friggin awesome! From there I walked to the next booth where I played some Darkness 2. Jeremiah will be doing an article on that later but I’ll let you know that it’s bloody as hell and a whole lot of fun. Your powers are pretty sweet and while I never actually played the first one, you can bet yourself that I’ll be getting my hands on this no question. The last game I played for the day was Orcs Must Die!, a game that I’ve played before but this time, I was able to play it on the Xbox 360. The game is fun and I’ll be picking it up for sure. Not on the 360 though, I’ll be buying it from Steam. It just felt better with a keyboard and mouse to me which is odd because for me personally, I normally always feel better with a controller.

The dude behind Jeremiah here was actually scalping PAX passes. There was a lot of that this year around the convention center.

That’s it for games for the day, but alas, it wasn’t the end of the day. It’s PAX party time now! We ended up to going to two parties last night, the first was the Deus Ex: Human Revolution launch party. This party was hot! Both figuratively and literally. There was a promise of an open bar and tons of Deus Ex swag so hours before it started there were people lined up for hours to get in. After everyone was in, this place was packed, but everyone was happy and having a great time. There was some stations setup where people could play Deus Ex, food to eat and some Deux Ex trivia going on. I happen to play a little Deux Ex myself in 3D which was a first for me and it pretty friggin sweet. From there we headed to another party, this one was hosted by Perfect World who was showing some games that Demitrius will be writing about soon for you all. The party though was fun again, another open bar and we were there with friends.

Right outside our hotel but luckily for us, they weren't after us.

So that was day one for me. All of the other guys saw so many other things as well and I’m sure they will be hitting that up as well on P*N, stay tuned for that and more game talk. All in all though, it was a great beginning for PAX. There were just so many games, I got some pretty cool swag, and best of all, I was lucky enough to hang out with all my friends and just had a great time. Scott, we missed you sir!

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  • Thanks for the rundown Steve!

    Glad to have such an awesome crew covering PAX Prime, keep up the great work and here is to next year.