PAX Prime 2011: Hands On With Trials Evolution

Are you looking for some gaming crack? If so, you need to get your hands on Trials Evolution because this game is addicting! I got about 20 mins of game time with it and dammit, I wanted, nay, I needed more. Before you go on reading this, let me ask you a simple question, have you played Trials HD yet? If not, you need to pick it up on the Xbox Live marketplace now. It’s one of the best bargains on the store, for only $15 dollars you can get hours of fun, controller throwing gameplay.

Trials Evolution managed to take all the best parts of the first game, but make it so much better. No longer are all of the tracks in a warehouse, no longer is there a camera that doesn’t do anything or add anything to the game, and most importantly, no longer are you just playing the game with only yourself.

The tracks are big, and in pretty big wide open spaces. I was told that each track’s enviroment is about 4 by 2 square kilometers. Unfortunately you can’t tell from these screenshots but everything looks beautiful. Red Lynx did a really great job polishing everything up. The camera this time moves with you, not the little bit it did in Trials HD, but it adds to the feel of the game, especially when the track bends or wraps around. Yes, the tracks are no longer just straight, side to side. While you don’t steer left and right yourself, you are still on rails, but you feel the twists and bends while you’re racing.

Another really big thing with Trials Evolution is its track making ability. Think LittleBigPlanet meets Excitebike. Everything you see in the game, you can make yourself and you will have the tools to do so. Not only that, but there will be full track sharing with the entire world. There’s no limits in what you can do either, theirs no caps, nothing. You do whatever you want with everything that’s there. The game will ship though with about 60 single player tracks and about 16 multiplayer tracks. This though really is just the start. With added tracks from DLC and the ability to download user created tracks.

I was also able to get some multiplayer in and it’s pretty sweet as well. It’s up to 4 people on the same screen, same console, or 4 player online. Now my first thought was, what’s going to happen when someone gets too far behind, well Red Lynx solves this problem by just reseting you if you get too far behind and then you get docked a point overall in the final standings. One point for each time so that’s something you really don’t want to do but it really adds to making each game really competitive. You even have the ability to race online shared matches in the multiplayer modes as well.

Trails Evolution needs to be on every Xbox 360 owners list to buy when it comes out, hopefully towards the end of this year. It’s fun, so addicting, and with the addition of multiplayer gaming and the full scale of user created content that will be out there, this is a game that you will get more then your share of value out of.

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