PAX Prime 2011: Rusty Hearts Impressions

Hello my fellow hack n’ slash fans, I’ve got something new for you from PAX. Perfect World games will soon be bringing us ‘Rusty Hearts,’ a four player cooperative dungeon crawler (and it’s also free to play!). As you can see from the screen shots and video, the cel-shaded style of the game borrows heavily from titles such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. Although the game is meant to be played online with other people, you can also run through and explore the game’s dungeons on your own. Perfect World is still doing testing in the beta stages, but Rusty Hearts is meant to go live in September.

If you have ever played Dungeon Fighter Online, then you should be able to pick this game up rather quickly (especially the controls). At the end of each dungeon, you are graded (A-F) on your combo rate and general performance, players are then prompted to select and turn over one treasure/rewards card from the same set as your dungeon companions. There will be four pre-made characters for you to choose from with distinct fighting styles and tactics. Of course, as a dungeon crawler, you can also expect to see a ton of loot and items for you to power up your character with. When you group up with other players to complete a dungeon, any experience or items you might have earned will stay with you after the party has been disbanded.

The action feels very fast paced.

In case you were wondering, Rusty Hearts gets it’s name from a story concept within the game’s beginning cinematics, where it explains that one of the main characters is a vampire who has lost the love of his life and is trying to rescue her. He claims that he still has the metallic taste of her blood in his mouth, and it is dripping down his throat to rust his heart. Albeit, this does sound a bit emo, but it’s an interesting concept for the title of a game; plus, it really seems to fit the overall dark style of the game.

Environments are nice

So, if you are a hack n’ slash or beat em’ up fan, be sure to keep an eye out for Rusty Hearts when it goes live next month. There will be optional microtransactions available to players who are willing to spend some extra cash, but everything you could buy with real money can also be earned in the game. I can understand people’s skepticism with free-to-play games, but if games such as League of Legends or Dungeon Fighter Online have shown us anything, it’s that games don’t have to cost anything to be great. Rusty Hearts will be for PC only, but it will have gamepad support. Be sure to check out the video walkthrough and stay tuned for more news straight to you from PAX Prime 2011.

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