PAX Prime 2011: The Darkness 2

I don’t know about you but I’m a big comic fan, and I’ve always enjoyed the Darkness comics, and I really enjoyed the first Darkness game, I felt it was one of the first if not the first really great comic book video game adaption. Playing it felt like you were really dropped into the world of The Darkness, you faced Jakies demons and it had some pretty great gameplay elements.

Well boys and girls Jackie and The Darkness are both back with a vengeance. I got a bit of hands on time with The Darkness 2 and it was more than I was hoping for. What I ended up playing was a demo level that will not appear in the final game, but it did a fantastic job of showing what is in store in the launch version.

The thing you will notice instantly is that the game is now cell shaded, and I know some of us have quams with that idea, but I hope you will set them aside because it really works for The Darkness 2. The game generally looks great, I wouldn’t say its any kind of leap for the franchise but it does look sharper overall.

The controls were much tighter than the first, and they’ve added several new features like using car doors as a shield (Darkness grabs it and holds it in front of you) and you can still shoot with either one pistol or two depending on if your dual wielding. Sadly I didn’t get to play that much and most of it was just a shooting gallery, but the animations were fluid, the graphics looked great, the voice acting was fantastic. The only thing I was told nothing about was the new plot, which is disappointing since that’s one of the stand out features of The Darkness.

So all in all I walked away feeling like The Darkness 2 will be just as good as the first or better. Look for it February 2012 on PS3 and 360, also keep an eye out for more coverage from Platform Nation.

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  • Ih8logins

    Learn your texturing.. this is NOT Cell Shading!  god…