4 Elements HD Hits The PSN 8/30

4 Elements HD on the PSN

Just 4 elements, no more, no less!

I have a confession…I like match-3 games.   I’ve spent many an hour listening to podcasts playing “Puzzle Quest” or through “7 Wonders” on my DS, Bejeweled 2 on my phone, or any of the myriad match-3 games on the webernets.  Sure, they can be mindless or mind-numbing, but they fill time and get me through the gap between major retail games and they keep my podcast queue down.  We all know they mostly follow the same formula, swap, click, boom, repeat.  And as the clones have popped up, the environments change, the power-ups get bigger and the gimmicks cornier. However, one caught my attention a while back.

4 Elements is developed by Playrix Entertainment and in it the balance of the kingdom has been disrupted, and it’s the players job to restore the flow of energy to set everything aright. Each element will need restoration by collecting cards and unlocking books of ancient magic

Maybe it was the medieval setting or its story or maybe it was the little fairy guide, but something about this game resonated with me. I really enjoyed this game, and was very excited to hear of it’s arrival on the PSN.

This game is set to be released on August 30th on the PSN and will support PlayStation Move. Move support is a fantastic option in this game as one of the core gameplay mechanics involves drawing long chains of elements. With the precision of Move, I can imagine this will be a bit easier option if you have it, than with the Dual Shock.

I’m glad it’s at the 9.99 price point as I plan on getting all my money’s worth through the over 60 levels and the trophies!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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