Don’t Call Him A Square

He may be a block but by no means does he want to be called a square that is not his style. Drawing influences from idols such as Geometry Wars and Pacman Blocky was formed from the same mold. Unfortunately conformity was not in his blood he wants to be seen as an individual in the arcade experience. Implementing a reward system with trophies and achievements will hopefully keep the game fresh in the minds of players.

The game has easy controls and simple game mechanics, which initially draws players into playing arcade games.  The major difference with Blocky is that as the player performs well, they are rewarded with unlocks and currency to buy additional items.  Use the power of the hammers, portals, teleportation and forks to destroy Blocky’s enemies.  Avoid the nifty Ninjas, indestructible spikes, shocking sparks, homing horders, spinning chain balls, sneaky sliveres and Blocky’s arch nemesis the dreaded Bloxx.

Blocky will face challenges in two different exciting game modes:

Retro mode: A survival style mode, where the player has one life and tries to last as long as they can.

Waves mode: A selection of levels that have different goals to proceed to the next level.

The anticipated release date for blocky is : Sept 2011 for 80 MSP

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