PAX Prime 2011: Dungeon Overlord Impressions & Details

Hey facebook gamers, are you getting tired of FarmVille? Perhaps you don’t care for any of the facebook games and require something with more substance. I might have just the thing for you with Dungeon Overlord, a new ‘hardcore’ facebook game from Night Owl Games that lets you take on the role of an evil fantasy overlord hell bent on world domination and destruction. Unlike most fuzzy and cute facebook games out there, Dungeon Overlord is trying to appeal to people looking for a real challenge. Even if you don’t have or use a facebook page, that’s okay to. The devs from Night Owl Games are boasting that they have already had thousands of people create a facebook account simply to play Dungeon Overlord.

The point of the game is to create dungeons/strongholds in order to level up, increase the size and power of your army, and try to become the most powerful overlord in the land. As a real time strategy game, you will constantly be overseeing the working and fighting of your minions, while you shout out orders from the sky. As an overlord, you will first start out with a simple band of of Goblins and Orcs, -while the tutorial and starting quests teach to the basics of the game- but you will soon upgrade to bigger and better monsters. You can also protect your dungeon with an impressive array of traps, artifacts and other upgrades to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Your enemies are both ‘evil’ NPC elves, as well as your facebook friends (other overlords) who can try raiding your dungeons to burn and pillage for their own gain. NPC elves will attack your dungeons on a standard basis, but you can take it back to them by raiding their villages and cities for materials and treasure. According to the dev’s, most casual gamers will shy away from this PvP option and will mainly stick to slaying elves. But, if you have the guts, it seems like the PvP option is really what makes this game stand out. Now you can finally hunt down all of your friends to steal their gold, kill their monsters and reek havoc in their dungeons; but you will have to be careful because sending your armies out on the attack also means leaving your own dungeon undefended.

The number of customization options for building your dungeons is rather staggering, but it should be easy enough to learn as you play. An advanced defense tactic that the dev’s gave as an example was creating a maze of traps in your dungeon that enemies would have to pass through in order to get to anything valuable while your armies are out pillaging your enemies with green skinned ruthlessness.

Just like other online games, your minions never stop working and earning resources, even while you are away from the computer. You will even be able to queue up serveral different tasks for them to carry out in your absence. As you complete quests and build up power, you yourself will be leveling up as well, to a max of 21 (although that number isn’t solid and could change before the game goes live in several weeks). The number of dungeons you can control will be directly connected with your level on a one to one ratio (thus, if you are level 12 you can control and maintain 12 dungeons at once).

I have never been big on facebook or facebook games myself, but I have to admit that this one has caught my interest. The game will be completely free-to-play, but will support microtransactions for those gamers that want to save some time over cash. You can rest assured, however, that there will be nothing available through microtransactions that you couldn’t earn on your own within the game. If you like what you see, you can even join in on the open beta right now by heading over to the official Dungeon Overlord site. The path to total domination is just before you. The elf and friend slaughter awaits, but are you truly evil enough to take it?

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  • Oh god, if there were any Facebook game that would get me on board it’d have to be this one.  I used to play an old PC game called Dungeon Keeper from Bullfrog Entertainment.  I absolutely adored that game and this looks to be a semi-dumbed down version of it.  

    • Anonymous

      Dungeon Keeper was freaking awesome!  Even a semi-dumbed down facebook version of it sounds like it would awesome too.  I hoped that one day it would evolve to real players going into the dungeons and fighting in your dungeon.  If they make a game like that now, it would be awesome.

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