PAX Prime 2011: Joe Danger: The Movie

“This is not as much a sequel as it is the game we would have made if we had more resources the first time around,” is what I was told by the developer when I went in for my appointment with Hello Games.  That’s not to say that the first Joe Danger wasn’t good, it just didn’t go as far as they wanted it to.  That will definitely not be the case when Joe Danger: The Movie launches.

For those who didn’t play the first Joe Danger (what are you waiting for?), know that Joe was once a down-on-his-luck stunt man, trying to make it back to the top of his game.  In the sequel, Joe is doing the stunts for a huge movie production that will push his skills to the limit, and beyond.  In the game, you’ll get control of motorcycles (natch), mine carts, skis, snowmobiles, jetpacks, and more as you work to nail the stunts in scene after scene of movie being directed by a man who loves explosions and action more than anything else (so, pretty much Michael Bay).

As the game progresses, you’ll start to see how the scenes all tie together in the movie, and you’ll even get to go back through previously beaten levels with new vehicles that will enable you to get to places that were previously inaccessible with the default vehicle.  The game will also include a level editor that will allow you to make up your own crazy levels designed to put Joe Danger through the wringer.

The launch window for Joe Danger: The Movie is not quite nailed down, but the guys at Hello Games are working hard to ensure that they’re able to deliver the right level of Danger to re-engage fans of the first game, and get themselves on the radar of the gamers not fortunate enough to have been graced by Joe yet.

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