PlayStation Home Remodel Coming This Fall

Home (Sweet Home?)

This fall PlayStation Home is being seriously overhauled.  First and foremost, the Central Plaza is being replaced with a ‘Hub,’ designed to quickly and seamlessly connect the user with the types of games that appeal most to him or her.  Secondly, the games in Home will be categorized into ‘Districts’.  Choosing between Action, Adventure, Sportswalk and Pier Point (Arcade), the user will join others with similar gaming tastes.  In addition, the Home experience will more resemble a game than ever before.  A questing system is planned, encouraging both depth and breadth of gaming and social interaction.  With a goal of being a social experience in addition to gaming, there are plans for entertainment and shopping options as well as community events and socializing with other gamers.

As for me, I’m going to give it another go after the redesign.  I’ve tried Home a few times, but nothing has ever grabbed my attention enough to keep me going back.  I only visit when I’ve heard or read about new offerings for specific games I like, or to tour the virtual Sony E3 booth.  However, I do know one thing that would definitely draw in a lot of gamers, namely trophy support.  If Sony is already building in a questing system, and wants to draw new and former users, adding trophies seems to fit the bill perfectly.  Currently the virtual items live only in Home; I don’t see how adding trophy support would be a detriment to the overall experience.

Why don't you go to your Home?!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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