Catherine Blows My Mind

Shameless? I think not.

What the hell just happened? I was playing a game with great story and immersion, got about 90 percent through, and then took a turn into the Nth Dimension. This game had the gall to pry me from my Rift addiction, string me along with hot chicks and hard puzzles, then completely mind f**k me.

I will say two things right now: If you haven’t played Catherine, play it. If you have already finished this game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is not a review for the game and I won’t assign it a score. I wouldn’t even know how to classify this. Action? Arcade? Puzzler? Dating Simulator? Interactive anime cartoon?

This is your girlfriend. You're welcome.

I can hazard a guess as to why this game had such an effect on me—I’m dating a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, very hot girl named Catherine right now *GASP*. The game is full of morality forks, and the ‘right’ answer isn’t always clear. Sometimes, while answering a question from the Mysterious Voice, I would glance over at my girlfriend to see if she was watching.

Ah, the first meeting. Wait...I want that shirt!

After watching the ending, I am sure there are multiple variations. No spoilers, but I got what I wanted in the end. Of course, the road was weirder and more unexpected than I could possibly have fathomed. Every now and then I get that “freaky wide-set anime eyes” moment, but I insist that you try this game even if you aren’t a fanboy of one of the aforementioned genres. The character development is fantastic and all the more meaningful if you know someone named Catherine (or Katherine…you’ll see what I mean).

In your dreams, buddy.


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  • Mastergerm

    I loved it. Was alot more than I expected out of it