Dead Island Map App Coming To Apple AppStore Sept 6, 2011

As if I needed one more reason to purchase Dead Island, BradyGames comes along with the Dead Island Map App.  This is the only authorized app for Dead Island and will be released on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 to coincide with the game’s release in North America.  Think of it as your personal tour guide to one of this year’s hottest gaming vacation spots.  Grab it for only $2.99 on Tuesday at the Apple AppStore.

(Check out more screenshots in the Gallery below.)

The app was developed in conjunction with publisher Deep Silver, and contains detailed maps of every square mile of Banoi Island, a resort paradise gone horrifyingly wrong. The maps are scrollable and zoomable, turning iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches into handy navigational tools. The app also pinpoints the location of every collectible ID Card, Banoi Herald excerpt, and Investigation Tape—more than 150 items total! Each item is accompanied by a screenshot detailing the location and descriptive text to guide users to the exact spot in question. The app also features an Objective Complete check box that allows users to track which items have been located and which ones remain undiscovered. An interactive Legend allows users to toggle on/off any of the collectible types and show/hide hidden or found items. Official Dead Island music immerses users in the mysterious and dangerous atmosphere of the game.

Dead Island Map App Features:

  • Explorable maps of every area in the game
  • Locations of all collectibles, including:
  • ID Cards
  • Banoi Herald excerpts
  • Investigation Tapes
  • Objective Completion tracking
  • Official music from the game

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